DOSS Soundbox Touch Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker that you can carry around anywhere?

Well, if so, you would find that chances are abundant and plenty online or offline.

However, what really matters is the quality of sound and of course the durability of the device, isn’t it?

But,  is that all?

Of course not, we also need it to have many features, amazing quality, impressive design and the best product.

Fortunately, we have come across a speaker that offers you all this and much more!

This article will provide you a look into the DOSS SoundBox touch Bluetooth Speaker review, a speaker that comes with a whole bunch of features including Bluetooth connectivity, so you can carry around anywhere. We are not just sharing what the speaker offers but we would also look at it critically to know the pros and cons, across multiple features like quality of sound, longevity, the life of the battery, etc.

The Appearance of DOSS Soundbox Touch Bluetooth Speaker

To start with let us take a look at the appearance of this wonderful speaker, which is all set to impress you as you open the box.

The dimensions are 6.6”x2.9”x2.7” which is probably not what you would refer to as a compact, but the speaker definitely has a sturdy build as you hold it.

In the box, you would also find a micro USB cable for charging, an audio adapter (male to male), an auxiliary cable measuring to 3.5mm.

But that is not all though, you would also find a storage bag, for keeping your speaker safe while not in use. The storage bag itself is made of durable material that will last for a long time.

Getting started

Using any Bluetooth device starts with pairing it, so let us get started on how to use your DOSS Soundbox Touch.

This is definitely a wireless model and yet it offers you the choice to connect to another auxiliary device through the 3.5mm auxiliary cable. So it is up to you on whether you want to wire it with any other device or simply use it wireless. But, it is used mostly as a portable speaker, not wired but instead connected to Bluetooth to other devices.

The Bluetooth features

The features of Bluetooth offered by this speaker are highly commendable. The speaker is supported by every tablet or smartphone, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. You have to, however, pair it with the respective device in order to make use of this feature.

In order to pair up your DOSS Soundbox touch bluetooth speaker with your Bluetooth device, first turn on the Bluetooth in your smartphone or the tablet. Now hold down the play button on your Bluetooth speaker. You will see that the top ring is illuminated with multiple colors which are also when you will see the DOSS Soundbox appearing on your tablet or smartphone as an available Bluetooth device. Just click on the same and your pairing is completed.

Tips: You don’t have to do this every time. It is enough to do it only once.

Control with a touch

The top of the speaker has a capacitive control panel that can be operated by a simple touch. You can play, skip or pause the tracks as it plays. The dial in the center can be used to adjust the volume, swiping it clockwise to increase and anti-clockwise to decrease the volume.

The design is quite easy and a creative one for a speaker in this price range. The functionality is not just there for the sake of appearance, but it works well too which makes this affordable speaker a good choice.

Doss soundbox touch bluetooth speaker

The sound quality

What is the most important part for a speaker ?

Well, in my opinion, the most important aspect of any speaker is the sound quality.

You would be surprised with the quality in this speaker for the price it is offered. The speaker was tested on multiple genres and it was surprisingly equally good in every genre.

The tone was clear and the bass was not overpowering as well. The bass is not adjustable, but the thump is quite nice as an addition.

Doss touch bluetooth speaker

With the solid build, you don’t have to worry about rattling or other interference even if the volume is at the peak.

For the size of the speaker, it offers quite a loud volume, thanks to the six-watt drivers. If you are thinking that 6 watts are less, then you would need to take a look at the sound on this speaker. The performance is easily rated among those speakers which cost you much more than this one.

Is this speaker waterproof ? Let’s continue to find it out.


While this speaker tops the charts on the Amazon site, you have to know that this speaker is not rated in terms of water resistance, expected with outdoor speakers. Of course, the speaker is quite ideal if there isn’t much water splashing around it and the weather is quite sunny and pleasant.

Another feature is the top panel that can easily scratch when compared to the other panels which are sturdily built. Apart from these, the speaker is quite strong in its build.

Life of battery

Powered by 2200mAh lithium battery, it runs for a longer time and can be charged easily with the USB cable provided. Upon full charge, the speaker is claimed to work for about 12 hours, which sounds unreal. There might be slight variations in the battery running depending on many different conditions. But we would say that probably 9-10 hours is a good expectancy.


The fact that it is not water resistant makes it a not so ideal speaker for outdoors. The voice that informs you of low battery and other features could get annoying at times. The touch panel is easily scratched, but keeping it inside the storage bag will keep it safe nevertheless.


To conclude, available in four colors, within an affordable range, the DOSS speaker is quite efficient as any wireless speaker could be. The speaker is quite well in handling different genres and is a great accompaniment though not much of an outdoor speaker.