Bose SoundSport Wireless Review ( 4 Color Available )

Prior to the domination of Jaybird X2s in the market, I was doing my exercise with wired Bose SoundSport headphones.

However, when Bose announced that they switch to wireless, I have to accept the fact that the announcement of a s by Bose really thrilled me. Was it going to be the headphones that would overtake X2s, something that the Freedom could not achieve? 

Without wasting your time, let’s jump into the detail now.

Build & Design  of Bose SoundSport Wireless 

When I unboxed the items in the package, I was not convinced that they would work. The ear tips that will enter the ear remained the same, but the encasement was modified. They are large and king-size unlike the wired SoundSport which was fine and thin. This configuration is good considering the fact that the Bluetooth component is put in another place. Besides, the battery powering the device is placed inside it.

When you put them on, they bulge out of your ears to the point where I was certain they were going to fall out. So, I came out with another pair of headphone as my plan B if they fall out. Nonetheless, I did not fall back to my plan B.

Possibly, the headphones are not as huge as they appear to be due to their StayHear and sport tips. So, they did not drop down from my ears at all. Their design is not very nice and it is jumbo size but the most important thing is that they deliver good functionality.

It has a single button positioned at the top of the right earbud. The device is powered through this single button from where the pairing is also done.

However, to control the playback, you will have to make use of the in-line mic and remote. Its control module as well as the wire has nice construction and unlike the Jaybird Freedoms their module and wire don’t pull out from my ears because they remain in position even as I run.

The materials used in constructing the headphones are obtained from strong plastic. This is not a surprise given that they have resistant against sweat and water. However, a handful of consumers have complained of damaged caused by sweat.

In response to these complaints, Bose has announced that they have corrected the problem and would release an updated model of the device. The company has also said that previous owners of SoundSport whose headphones have been damaged by sweat would receive a replacement without paying a dime. Having said this, I would add that I have a great experience with them. I encountered no problem at all. I tried their efficiency by using them to run on daily basis for up to two weeks and their functionality remained as perfect as it was.


 The SoundSport Wireless connects easily to your phone via Bluetooth.

It also features NFC for devices that function on that. It works fine so far as it is within its connectivity range of 30 feet. Nevertheless, I observed that the device barely skips when I was running with my phone strapped to my left arm (I did this for four times per week). When I strapped it to my right arm, there was no skipping at all. In the light of the above, if you don’t like your music to skip, ensure that your strap your phone to the right side of your ear.

Bose soundsport wireless headphones review

Battery Life

 As specified by Bose, the device battery will remain alive for about 6 hours of a continuous playback. But there is nothing extra-ordinary about this if we are to be sincere about it. Fortunately, the SoundSport wireless performed beyond my expectation with a maximum playback time of 6 hours and 45 minutes.

In reality, the battery powered my device for a complete work week. However, if you are playing music continuously without any stop, the battery runtime is not too great.

Sound quality

I tested all aspects of the sound when I was running with my phone hooked up to the headphones.


If you are interested in precision, you should disregard Bluetooth sports headphones. With this said, there is no exaggeration about the bass here. Even though Bose put enough time in its creation, in my assessment, they should have given it more attention. The device delivers an impressive sound, but personally, I would prefer the low end to be slightly more powerful. One of the songs I normally play when running is Jamie xx’s songs titled Gosh. It is a music that you can listen to on daily basis but I did not get the intense bass that inflames you as you run.


The mids are normally highlighted by Bose in all their products, but this is not the case here. The focus here as I have already mentioned above was on the low end. This does not in any way imply that the mids are weakly constructed. It simply means that they are not spectacular. In my own evaluation, they are great as they are exactly what they should be.


The highs have no atom of hoarseness in them. When I played the Tighten Up by the Black Keys with the device, the sounds of the hi-hats and cymbals were not piercing.  

The content of the package

The package comes with the headphones, the user-manual, two separate sized sets of StayHear+tips, a micro USB charging cable, a small carrying box with a design that features a carabiner clip.

Bose soundsport wireless review


Here, I will make it clear if it is confusing: they are my best-loved pair of headphones for exercise.

It delivers better sounds than the majority of headphones designed to be used for exercise. The most impressive aspect of the device is that it remains in my ears regardless of what I engage in.

What I like most about these headphones is their selling price. It is sold for $150 which may not all that be affordable, but is a cheap price when you take into consideration the amount the other top notch fitness headphones are sold on the market, the fact that Bose’s products are not cheap and the quality of the headphones.