Best Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds ( 2020)

Are you looking for Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, but having a tough time find a set that you enjoy with?
Bluetooth 5.0 is a fairly brand-new modern technology that hasn’t been applied most of headphones. As a result, it can be difficult to find Bluetooth 5.0 headphones that additionally have the other attributes you’re trying to find.
Nevertheless, we have researched the market to find several of the most extremely rated earphones in this classification. You can not fail by picking any version from our checklist of the top picks. Reading this article, you’ll conserve time and also discover exactly how to buy the best Bluetooth earphones for your requirements.
As soon as you’re done reading this purchasing overview you’ll have a very easy time choosing the Bluetooth 5.0 earphones that are within your budget. We wish you have as much enjoyable reading this buyer’s guide as we had placing it together.

What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Bluetooth is a technology that allows for cordless connectivity and also the 5.0 comes with a variety of upgrades over the previous versions. Nonetheless, to take full advantage of the useful features both devices need to have Bluetooth 5.0.
For instance, if you’re linking the earphones to a smartphone, it as well should support Bluetooth 5.0 as well as it’s primarily discovered in newer designs such as the apple iphone X. A bigger percentage of devices will have the most up to date version of Bluetooth as time takes place.

Right here are some advantages of Bluetooth 5.0:
Reduced power usage: Bluetooth 5.0 utilizes a low energy kind of transfer, which decreases the battery usage. Consequently, you’ll be able to listen to music for longer because you’re making use of 5.0.
Double audio: 5.0 permits you to play audio on two gadgets at the same time– how amazing is that? For that reason, you can play audio on various speakers– a function that will certainly be available in the parties.
Much better connection quality: the general link high quality is improved with 5.0– the information transfer rate is higher as well as the connection range has been increased from 200 feet to 800 feet. With a better link quality you’ll have the ability to take pleasure in songs.
Rises the range: Bluetooth 5.0 devices have a much longer range. Compared to Bluetooth 4.2, it’s increased by 4 times up to a maximum variety of 800 feet. In the real life, you may not obtain this academic value, however it’s still a renovation over the previous versions.
Backwards compatible: Bluetooth 5.0 is totally compatible with previous variations of Bluetooth. As a result, your Bluetooth 5.0 earphones can connect with all Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, and also any kind of other devices. This indicates you can get a future proof set of earphones. However, don’t expect the benefits mentioned previously when linking to older versions of Bluetooth.

Best Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 2020

Model Weight Battery Life 
Jabra Elite active 65t
0.7 lb15 hours with charge caseCheck Price
Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports5.44 ounces12 hoursCheck Price
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless
0.64 ounces4 hours Check Price
Anker Zolo Liberty+9.6 ounces3 hours (48 with carrying case)Check Price
Tranya Bluetooth 5.00.16 ounces4 hours (15 with carrying case)Check Price
1.75 ounces15 hours Check Price
JLab Audio JBuds Air
5.6 ounces14 hours Check Price
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air
2.08 ounces5 hours Check Price
TaoTronics TT-BH052
1.1 ounces15 hours Check Price

Jabra Elite Active 65t-Work with Alexa 

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is a high-end true wireless stereo in-ears headphone. They are the more sport-oriented variation of the original Elite 65t model thanks to their better sweat resistance.

The Elite Active 65t are steady as well as breathable in-ears that are suitable for most sporting activities and exercises. Their brand-new matte dark blue finish gives them an extra premium look, as well as they come with a better design and also a portable case that offers you two extra charges for more playback time.

Like all of truth wireless earbuds presently, the Jabra Elite Active 65t. are made of plastic. So if you’re expecting a metal design, you likely need to maintain waiting.

The good news is that the plastic construction means these are lightweight and also don’t seem like they’re bearing down your ears.

Unfortunately, they have a slightly awkward button layout, but at least it provides physical controls which are easier to use. They also have a good wireless range and connection but won’t be great for video content because of their higher-than-average latency. On the upside, they’re one of the more versatile truly wireless headphones, and they’re suitable for most use cases.


Great battery life,upto 15-hour battery life

 Auto-connects to your phone

  Sweat- and dust-resistant (IP56)

OK connection strength

Integrated motion sensor for step tracking

Playback controls built-in

  Excellent sound



Sub-par bass

Audio lag when watching videos

No high quality codecs

These Anker headphones offer a mix of well-implemented features that consists of Bluetooth 5.0 and anti-sweat modern technology. It’s an individual sound remedy that’s perfect for tourists or those into sporting activities. You’re obtaining a competitively priced piece of package at simply under $40.
The Bluetooth link can last for 12 hrs, which is over the industry average. You’ll be able to enjoy the songs throughout the day without worrying when they’ll need to be charged. It’s also over a week worth of workout time so you might only need to charge them once per week.

The comfort of these earphones is one of the highlights and that’s why they appropriate for sports. Earhooks are given that latch onto the ears, which greatly reduces the chances of them falling out. Consequently, when you’re doing the last associate or spiriting at the end of your jog you can rely upon security.
The in-line controls enable you to modify the volume levels, songs and also microphone. Having a mic permits you to speak while working out without the need to grab your smartphone. Additionally, a carrying bag is included that allows you to keep the earbuds while not being used. The pouch is a good dimension as it’s fairly little, yet big sufficient to fit the earphones inside.
A variety of eartips are offered, that include additional little, little, tool, huge, as well as extra-large. The variety of sizes suggests you’ll have the ability to obtain a fit that best matches your ear size. This minimizes the opportunities of the earbuds falling out during energetic motions.
Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports also excels in the audio department for the budget price tag. Deep bass as well as quality is provided that will certainly impress those that are looking for an economical individual sound service.
A balanced introduction of the product is called for to make a notified purchasing selection and also keeping that assumed in mind we will certainly consider the downsides. The audio wire is somewhat thin, which offers the item a much less superior feel. Likewise the sound isolation might be boosted, but picking the best eartips will help you keeping that.


√ Reliable fit

√ 12 hour battery life

√ Variety of eartip sizes

√ Competitive price


No noise isolation

Thin cable

True wireless earbuds are on the rise, and there’s finally enough models out there that the AirPods aren’t always the best option for everyone. But not every audio company was quick to jump on the true wireless bandwagon. Some of the big names in headphones took their time crafting a set of earbuds before making a debut. Sennheiser was one of those, and its Momentum True Wireless model didn’t arrive until late 2018. Thankfully, the wait was mostly worth it. They have some of the best audio quality.

Sennheiser is a big name in consumer audio, and there’s a lot of pressure to stay ahead of the pack when it enters into a new product category. True wireless has had its share of hiccups with users ever since the AirPods debuted, but there’s finally a credible array of purchasing options that work well at any price point.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless gets all things right, without suffering any major drawbacks. In the testing, there really wasn’t a point where we ran into a problem that couldn’t be solved by thinking it through. Believe me, that’s a lot less common than it sounds.


The best, purest sound of any true wireless buds yet

Durable earbud design and case


Good microphone performance

Smooth, warm bass response

Whisper-quiet wireless connection

Breezy setup

USB-C charging


Twice the price and size of AirPods

Mediocre battery life

Not fully waterproof

The Anker Zolo Liberty+ features a couple of advantages over the previous design and also one of them is the upgrade from Bluetooth 4.2 to 5.0. Moreover, the battery life has been increased and also the driver size increased to 6mm. The costs price factor of $150 demands a higher variety of features and also these headphones provide.
The cordless connection offers two days of battery life, which indicates you will certainly not have to worry about charging them regularly. Just save them in case at the end of the day to cover up on battery life. For instance, if you listen 3 hours each day, after that you can take pleasure in songs for 2 weeks prior to a power electrical outlet is required. Bluetooth 5.0 offers a very reliable connection that is distortion-free over an extensive distance.

Are you a sports enthusiast  that’s looking for comfort as well as durability? Then the Anker Zolo Liberty+ is worthy of your consideration because of the sweat immune function. You can be sweating or running in the rain and not bother with damage to the earbuds. The GripFit Innovation offers a solid rock fit that is comfortable and also secure.
A personalized music experience can be created using the ZOLO Life app. EQ profiles can be setup to change the audio profile to match various moods and also categories of music you’re taking pleasure in. Bass boosting is also available that creates an impactful degree of audio. The audio drivers are created from graphene, which provides high levels of flexibility and strength
A downside of the Anker Zolo Freedom+ is the costs cost factor, but you can completely warrant it provided the variety of costs features. Also the battery life is quite tiny if the charging case is not utilized to charge the unit.
In conclusion, the Anker Zolo Liberty+ is a mix of impressive features  that provides you full control over your audio experience via the app. It’s ideal for sports enthusiasts that require durability, convenience, as well as industry leading audio. It’s one of the better Bluetooth 5.0 headphones that are readily available to acquire today.

EQ control via app

 48 hour battery life

  Graphene audio drivers

Battery life is short without the carrying case

These Tranya earbuds featured a selection of functions that should give you some food for thought. The implementation of the bass, minimal style, as well as Bluetooth is what stands out right here. It’s an extremely rated item that is economically valued and also includes a convenient carrying case.
The HD noise includes deep bass, which is perfect for those who enjoy impactful songs. A deep bass feature also is available in handy when you are exercising as well as want to be encouraged by songs that stimulates you.
These headphones have a waterproof design, which is an additional beneficial attribute for exercising or taking a jog in all kinds of weather. There is no demand to shield the earphones from light moisture, however do not immerse them into water. The Tranya earphones are not totally waterproof, which indicates they aren’t suitable for swimming.
3-4 hours of playing time is readily available on a single charge, however the total time can be included 15 hours when the carring case is used. It’s a straightforward way to charge your earbuds while taking a trip. The alternative to charge the earbuds 4 times while traveling is a very preferable feature. The carring case also does a great job of shielding the earbuds while not being used. The earbuds immediately shut off when they are placed in the charging case.
There is an LED to tell you how much battery life the earbuds have:
  • 1 flash: 0-25%
  • 2 flashes: 25-50%
  • 3 flashes: 50-75%
  • 4 flashes 75-100%
Android mobile phones have they battery life presented on display, but the earbuds are also suitable with iOS operated mobile phones. A microphone is available for telephone calls using your smart device, or turn on a voice assistant like Siri. It’s a hassle-free and effective method to perform commands like switch music and change the volume.
A negative aspect of these earbuds is the lack of noise isolation, which might be a problem when attempting to enjoy music in a loud setting. Also the limited battery life without the carrying case might be a barrier for some.
On the whole, the Tranya earphones are exceptional for everyday usage whether you’re taking a trip or simply chilling out in your garden. The minimal style and also reduced weight nature indicates they fit to put on. The deep abundant bass is among the highlights here that permits an impressive music listening experience.

Minimalist design 


Deep rich bass


No noise isolation

Average battery life without the charring case

EnacFire produce true wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the form of E18 last year. Enacfire E19 is an improvised version of Enacfire E18. It’s a truly wireless earbud which indicates there will be no cable in between the two earbuds.

If you are up for a cord-free lifestyle, these Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the best thing you can buy. The majority of the songs fans that acquired Enacfire E19 reported very positive evaluations online. Enacfire claims that E19 charges lasts for 3 hrs and the Bluetooth connection stays secure within the 30 feet range.

Audiophiles enjoy every part of the songs. Enacfire E19 ensures that you do not miss a solitary part of the track. HD Stereo audio songs outcome is addictive and you may not wish to give up listening to the songs.


The audio level of the songs outcome from E19 earphones is to the recommended wellness criteria. The amazing bass output from the earbuds complies to the health standards and safe for your ears.

Bluetooth earbuds test our patience as they take some time for link. But it’s exceptionally simple to connect Enacfire E19 earbuds. They are not like those traditional earbuds which you need to connect by clicking the power on button. They connect automatically and immediately. In simply a couple of seconds, you will certainly be in your very own music world.

EnacFire E19 earbuds are a part of the new music revolution in a way. The wireless connection continues to be solid for an over thirty feet range.

You need not bother with the wires entangling as you will certainly never ever make use of a single cable while you are on E19 Earbuds. As long as you stay in the thirty feet distance array with your device, E19 earphones deliver the best musical experience.

A single charge guarantees you’re a 3 hrs of songs playtime with ENACFIRE E19 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds which is truly remarkable. You can just charge on the go and also power lasts as much as 12-15 hours.It indicates that you don’t require to experience power shortage for a day.


 √ Low energy consumption, great energy autonomy

 √ Very comfortable, perfect fit

Small and elegant

 √ Crisp sound


 ⊙Easy to lose, especially without the charging case

The design of the JLab Audio JBuds Air isn’t that amazing. They’re basic-looking earbuds with some nice, refined JLab branding on the outside. They are very light and also not overly huge like a few other true-wireless earphones. They are really neutral in their technique and also should attract a broad audience with different visual preferences.

The charging case is quite glossy. It’s very similar to the JLab Epic Air earbuds case. The greatest difference as well as enhancement is JLab constructed the charging cord into the case this time. Formerly they wrapped the charging cord around the case which just had not been the best style. This time the cable is integrated right into the case and tucks perfectly under. There are 3 LED lights outside that show how much charge you have actually left.

When it comes to comfort, these buds are as comfortable as any type of others I have actually tried. The optional cush fins will certainly help some keep them much more safe in your ears. I had no concerns with them be falling or obtaining loosened.

Overall, the buds are a wonderful, easy layout that should attract most people. The charging case is really small, easy to pocket, and also the incorporated charging remedy comes in handy. They are also very comfortable and don’t fall out or get loosened.


Amazing price

Good battery life

IP55 water resistance

Auto-on and connect feature

Stable Bluetooth connection


Buttons are difficult to press

Remote system is odd

Only right earbud works for phone calls

The Anker Liberty Air are above-average mixed use headphones and are extremely functional for day-to-day casual usage. Their truly cordless layout appears like that of the Apple AirPods, but with a glossier finish.

They are very portable, as well as their in-ear fit obstructs a great deal of ambient sound, which behaves for commuting and at the office. They have great sound reproduction for in-ears and also have a fantastic wireless range.

Unfortunately, truly wireless earbuds do not have very long battery life, and also their latency is high for watching videos as well as gaming. On the advantage, they provide great performance for their price, and the majority of customers will be pleased with these.

The Anker Soundcore Freedom Air have a great touch-sensitive surface, but regrettably, they do not have volume controls on the earbuds. They resemble budget plan Apple AirPods with a shiny finish that is finger print vulnerable.

On the advantage, they are really steady for sports if you find the suitable dimension for your ears. They additionally feature a tiny as well as solid charging case that protects the earphones well.

The Anker Liberty Air are above-average sounding truly wireless in-ear earphones. They have a deep and also well-balanced bass, an also and also clear mid-range and also a terrific treble.

Nonetheless, their mid-range is somewhat recessed, nudging the vocals as well as results in the rear of the mix, yet this should be barely visible.

Also, there’s a dip in the treble that creates a small absence of detail and brightness, and specific sibilances (S as well as T noises) may be sharp for some individuals.

On the whole, they are flexible in-ears for a wide array of music, from bass-heavy to vocal-centric categories. Nevertheless, if you prefer a even more bass-heavy sound, look at the SoundPEATS TrueFree or the Anker Soundcore Spirit X.


Very lightweight and portable design

Good audio reproduction

Great isolation performance

Comes in two color options

Multiple ear tips for optimal comfort



No USB-C or Lightning cable support

Occasional L/R sync issues

Can’t use left earbud independently

The latest TaoTronics earbuds to hit the scene is a pair of truly wireless earbuds. It is the first time TaoTronics has attempted making a pair of earphone in this form factor, and while they’re far from excellent, this is a really valiant initial result that’s still worth your consideration.

For the truly wireless earbuds, among the most points to misunderstand is the pairing and also connectivity. So many versions utterly stop working in these relates to, however in some way TaoTronics has handled to stay clear of the majority of these mistakes.

Upon matching them to your phone for the first time, just placed both earbuds in your ears, tap on them from the list of Bluetooth gadgets on your phone, and they’ll connect. From that factor ahead, they’ll instantly link when you placed them in your ears as well as disconnect when they’re put back in the case.

While not rather as wonderful as what you’ll find with AirPods with an apple iphone, everything below works far better than we expected. Bluetooth 5.0 is made use of to provide strong connectivity for approximately 10 meters (33 feet), and also while I observed a couple of small dropouts during my screening, it was for less than a 2nd as well as nothing that truly detracts way too much from the total experience.

You can listen in full stereo sound with both earbuds in each ear, or listen to mono sound with just one. In addition to that, TaoTronics also provides a Double Mode that allows two individuals to each use one earbud.

Include that along with IPX7 water resistance, customizable ear tips, and also strong battery life (3 hours of playback with 40 chargers with the charging case), and it’s easy to see that TaoTronics did a great things right. On that particular same note, there are a few areas where I ‘d like to see some renovations made if we get a version 2 of these earbuds at some point in the future.

For beginners, sound quality can not help but really feel a bit drab. It’s perfectly fine for casual listening at the gym or around the house, but don’t expect anything more. Songs and podcasts aren’t unenjoyable to listen to, and bass is essentially missing.

You can manage your tunes making use of a selection of taps on the side of either earbud, ranging from skipping tracks, playing/pausing a track, and even adjusting your volume.

Having accessibility to all of these controls is nice and something you will not even find on the $160 AirPods, but if you’re not precise with each faucet, it’s very easy to not have anything be registered or to accidentally avoid a track when you just meant to pause it.

When it comes to the charging case, I’m a bit hesitant about how well it’ll hold up after a few months of solid use. It’s fairly portable as well as straightforward to use, however, the switch to open it is incredibly mushy and the top plastic seems like it can pop off at any 2nd.


Easy pairing process

Bluetooth connection is (mostly) reliable

Multiple listening modes

IPX7 water resistant


Sound quality is just OK

Charging case feels cheap

Finicky touch controls


What can Bluetooth 5.0 do?

Bluetooth technology, managed by the Bluetooth SIG (special interest group), allows devices to communicate wirelessly and broadcast data or audio from one to another. Bluetooth 5 quadruples the wireless range, doubles speed, and increases the bandwidth to allow for broadcasting to two wireless devices at once.

Can Bluetooth 5.0 connect to multiple devices?

Bluetooth 5.0 also enables a cool new feature that allows you to play audio on two connected devices at the same time. In other words, you could have two pairs of wireless headphones connected to your phone, and them stream audio to both of them at once, all via standard Bluetooth.

Can Bluetooth 5 connect to Bluetooth 4?

Bluetooth 5 isn’t backwards-compatible with legacy Bluetooth devices. The beauty of Bluetooth 5 is that it’s completely backwards-compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 devices. Another added benefit is that you can apply all of the features of legacy Bluetooth core specifications to Bluetooth 5

If I have bluetooth 5.0 earbuds can they connect to bluetooth 4.2 mp3 players?

Yes the earbuds would just operate at the lower standered(4.2)

Can these 5.0 bluetooth earbuds be paired with my TV?

If your TV has bluetooth, the earbuds should be ok.

Connect Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds to S9+ and Tab S4 simultanious?

Bluetooth 5.0 enables a cool new feature that allows you to play audio on two connected devices at the same time.