BGVP VS T2/Pro and TRN V80

The BGVP DMG sounds like the T2 Pro and V80 mixed together and more grown-up.
Its bass region is probably right in-between the T2 and the V80. The V80 is warmer, and the T2 more lean.
Mids: The mids sound more like the T2/T2 Pro but maybe a smidge more recessed. The V80 is more mid-forward and very natural sounding. The DMG is probably right in-between the two but closer to the T2.
Upper Mids/Treble: Not as harsh as the T2/T2 Pro. I’d put them in the same ballpark as the V80, but more detailed, more airy. So detailed as the T2 Pro but smooth as a V80.
Soundstage is wider than the V80, and on-par with the T2/T2 Pro.
I’d say it’s overall closer to the V80 in general but more airy, detailed, and more coherent.