Beats X Review-Apple’s Neckbuds

The new Beats X wireless earbuds have taken music listening to a whole new level. These wirelesses Apple’s Neckbuds have numerous features that make them extraordinary despite their cheap price. For only $150, you can enjoy the comfort of Beats X all throughout. They use the Bluetooth connection and have effortless setup and offer quick switch between Macs and iOS devices.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the Beats X review for the details and the pros.

Design of Beats X 

I’ve never been a neckbuds believer until I tried the Beats X. They are awesome; I can wear them everywhere I go, even in the gym. Despite the many options I have, including the $10 Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds, I still cling on to the Beats X. They have more to offer, including free of cord tangle, great sound, comfort, and reliability.

What I love most about Beats X is that it’s designed to sit comfortably and contour nicely around the back of my neck. It usually stays put during vigorous activities, even when running and lifting weights at the gym.


The two sides are symmetrical, which means both sides weigh perfectly and don’t slip to one side or the other. The plastic housing contains the Beats X electronics and helps them to maintain an anchored fit around the neck.

Forget the Micro USB! The earbud includes a lightning port for charging and it takes just 45 minutes to fully charge. However, if you are in a hurry, you can charge for 5 minutes and enjoy your music for two hours.

On the left side – just next to the ear – you will find three-button remote for controlling volume, moving to the next track, receiving calls and activating Siri. The mic is also something else that makes this product more appealing to me. The mic works very well. Siri never misses a word I say and no one has ever complained about how I sound when making a call.

On the right side, there is a plastic housing where you will find the power button. When it’s off or not listening to music, the earbuds latch together magnetically and rest centered on your chest. Beats X is also light enough to wear all day long. Sometimes I forget about them.

Beats X review

Also, Beats X proves to be less annoying particularly when running as it does not rub against your chin. They wear well and are easy to setup with an iPhone, Mac and MacBook Pro. Pairing is super easy and quick, Beat X shows up quickly on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro.

Fitness is another thing that makes them more appealing to music listeners. So, let’s continue to find out more ?


Inside the package, you will find four sizes of ear tips and some secure-fit wingtips to enhance earbuds fitness in the ear. Although to me these were added fillers because the earbuds fit well into my ears, I can not hesitate to appreciate the sealing; it’s excellent. I usually run for 5 miles and they don’t drop off.

However, I’ve noted that Beats X earbuds are not sweat-resistant like the Powerbeats 3, so don’t get them soaked. 

Apple designers have ensured that everyone can find a perfect match for their ear type and an excellent inside noise isolation. Unlike when using the usual headphones, when using Beats X, I usually raise the volume meter of my iPad and MacBook Pro to half way and still get quality music.

They are really smart to wear to the office and feels great wearing them when walking around the city streets. They make all the difference compared to AirPods, which never give you a serene environment to listen to your music without outside noise interruption. It’s a great treat for people who like listening to music even when in noisy environments.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is another unfortunate weakness of the Beats X. Beats X offers more bass compared to AirPods, but I’d never describe it as disturbing. For me, bass oomph is very welcome as the Beats X sit perfectly well in my ears making the treble superb. You can also enjoy the music through shrill and metallic depending on the music that is playing. All in all, I’d enjoy music elsewhere, but I’m satisfied with the Beats X for everyday listening.

Charging  and Connection

Besides quality sound, when fully charged, it can run for eight hours of play time. Although I’ve not run my Beats X all the way to get the exact number of hours it can play music when fully charged, my estimate seems accurate when I compare the battery status and playtime.

beats X headphones

If you are a music lover like me, you will need to regularly charge them, but at least that’s easy as Beats X uses a similar connector as that of the iPhone. The earbuds also have a lint magnet and come with a silicone case for carrying the earbuds around with ease.

The connection between Beats X and devices is also strong enough to hold across impressive distances. The added convenience of Apple’s W1 chip is another thing that makes these wireless earbuds connection to iOS devices and Mac super easy.


Good design, comfortable to wear for the whole day

Using W1 chip, makes life simpler for Apple customers

Excellent noise isolation

Great general wireless performance


Common sound quality

Cable between earbuds is too long

beats X headphones


If your AirPods don’t fit your ears then, Beats X is the option to have.

Although they don’t put out the truest sound, they make music listening enjoyable and eliminates outside noise. They are also comfortable as they don’t often get wrapped around your neck. If you like exploring like I do, adding other options like Jaybird on the Beats X won’t work.

I’ve confirmed that it’s not convenient with Beats X. Beats X is exactly what Apple claims; it’s not positioned to accommodate any sorts of a breakthrough product like the AirPods. It’s all you need when you want to listen to quality music no matter the environment or activity.

 Whether you want to use them when jogging, in the office, subway or while walking on the streets, Beats X offers the best way to keep your ears off the noisy environment and stay connected to the music. The best thing about Beats X is that I don’t feel utter doofus wearing them. They fit well into my ears and the long cable connecting the two earbuds sits comfortably and contours nicely around the back of my neck.