Beats Solo 3 Review-Not only for Apple

Every years, there always something big happened in the digital world, is it?

The latest happening in the digital world is to find new ways of eliminating wires from the life of people. The use of Bluetooth devices was common and now some cellular devices comes loaded with the feature of wireless charging. The newest advancement in this wireless revolution is done by Apple, and Apple has removed the headphone jack from its renowned smartphone. This is a revolutionary step and best supported by Beats Solo 3.

Well, in this article, we are going to take a look at the beasts solo 3 review.

The new headphone is from Apple-owned Beats which is basically the newer version of old Solo 2s with no major changes.

In Solo 3, the W1 wireless chip from Apple is used, the same which is featured on AirPods. It also comes with rapid recharging and extra battery life. The price, $299.95, makes it a premium product. You can use them either as an accessory or use them to enhance your looks because these headphones are available in various colors.

But all these features will fail to provide you a true high-end construction. The lightweight build of Solo 3 makes it feel hollow and with such construction, it doesn’t seem that the headband of these headphones will withstand high torque. This might not be a big deal for you but Crossfade Wireless and V-Moda M100 are the two headphones which seems practically indestructible and are much cheaper than the headphones from Beats.


The cost of insubstantial plastic shouldn’t be this much

The Solo 3’s ear pads can’t be replaced. They are comfortable but not made up of deluxe lambskin which is a special feature in identically priced Beoplay H6 (wired).

Some people have complaint that the fit of these headphones is a bit tight but if analyzed properly, it will be found that the clamping force of these headphones is accurate and can fit precisely on head. The synthetic leather helps in warming up the ears in winters (in summers this proves to be negative). When on-ear headphones are considered, Solos are quite comfortable and are effective in isolating the exterior noises. These features make them popular amongst the people who travel for work.

Beats does not experiment anything new with its controls. The controls are kept extremely simple. When the Solo ear cup’s middle is pressed, you will be able to pause and navigate between tracks. And when top or bottom is pressed, the volume can be adjusted.

Beats solo 3

With such a wireless technology, the experiences can only be amazing

If the solo  headphones are paired with an iPhone, the complete experience is just amazing. This superb combination is one of the prime reason to buy Solo 3. Turn on your Solo 3 and they will be connected to your nearby iPhone via Bluetooth in just a flash. Such kind of experience from wireless technology can only be applauded.

And when these headphones are connected to the iPhone, the battery life of Beats headphones can be seen on the screen of your phone. This prevents all those nasty zero-charge shocks.

(As to the charging time, charged for 5 minutes, you can listen to music for 3 hours nonstop. This feature in Solo 3s is described as “Fast Fuel” and is very beneficial when the battery gets exhausted and you have to go out soon.

As to the charging time, charged for 5 minutes, you can listen to music for 3 hours nonstop. This feature in Solo 3s is described as “Fast Fuel” and is very beneficial when the battery gets exhausted and you have to go out soon.

Sound amazing, well, it has happened

Apple claims that these headphones can play music for 40 hours without charging. This might be possible, but only in special conditions. In normal cases, when the headphones are connected with Google Pixel XL and iMac, they last up to teens of hours before getting back charged again. However, if you are a casual listener of music, your headphones may last for a week without feeling the need to charge again.

Are  beasts solo 3 only working with apple ? NO. It  also work best with Google products

The smooth wireless connection is not only with iOS but phones from Google also blends best with these headphones. When tested with Google Pixel XL, the wireless connection was not interrupted for a fraction of second. If Apple and Beats are claiming that this product has raised bar for performance of Bluetooth, their statement is completely justified.

The improvement in wireless engineering is not the only area where this headphone excels, the users of Solo 2 can effortlessly use these. The sound is amazing and the listener gets thrilled and excited while wearing them. In comparison to older models of Beats, this model is more restrained, grown-up and tasteful.

Tailored for the uncritical listener of modern electrical music

The lack of subtlety of Beats seems a downside, especially when high price tag is considered. But for listeners of modern electrical music, these are the best headphones. The extra bass bite feature of Beats is very effective. All the critical listeners can feel blessed with the nice stereo presentation from their spatial imaging.

When you ask the questions from yourself about subtlety of music and listening environment and if you get the answer to both the questions as “not very”, then Beats Solo 3 will be best enjoyed by you.

There are people who want a true high-quality sound and can spend hundreds of dollars. These people can go for Audio-Technica MSR7 (which costs around $189), Oppo PM3, Audeze Sine, or the very delightful Beoplay H6. But, all these great headphones are wired and this ends the excitement.

So, you should decide whether to go with wired ones or wireless ones, but remember one thing that in the coming time one set of technology will rest and you know which one.


Well-built wireless headphones

  Good sound quality especially with modern electronic music

  Light and comfortable

  Long battery life, up to 40 hours

  Rapid charging time

 Pair with Apple very well


Flimsy, plastic-rich construction

Price too high

Conclusion of Beats Solo 3 Review 

Beats Solo 3 are convenient and comfortable, and these headphones do well with almost all the genres of music.

But they are marked as “Made for iPhone” on their retail boxes. So, if you have a smartphone from Apple and you want a pair of headphones which are uncomplicated and sounds great with present time electronic music, you should definitely go for Beats Solo 3. You will surely enjoy the wireless life. And those who dislike the glossy plastic of a headphone can continue his/her search for that ideal pair of wireless headphones.