Aune M1S–The Milestone Player from Aune

The Aune M1S is one of the finest midrange music players you could find in the latest lineup of music playing devices. It offers various features making it capable of delivering high quality audio playback. If you are one of those people who don’t like listening to compromised playback quality, the Aune M1S would undoubtedly be a nice product to serve your requirements.

A thorough review talking about different aspects of the Aune M1S digital audio player is given below to help you understand what the product is actually capable of delivering.

Aune M1S

Features of Aune M1S

Some of the main features offered by the Aune M1S are given below.

  • High resolution audio playback capabilities
  • Features both 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm headphone jack sockets
  • Offers support for various lossless music formats including AAC, ALAC, MP3, APE, DSD, FLAC, WAM, etc.
  • CNC aluminum casing that delivers a classy and sophisticated appearance
  • High capacity battery with a good backup


The Aune M1S is the first portable DAP that incorporates pure native decoding for your music files. It makes use of a whole new custom developed firmware that allows you to enjoy your music through perfect playback quality. The M1S has managed to reach this level of perfection as a result of evolution of several predecessor products including the X5s, M2 Pro, M2 and M1.

Unlike majority of the linux powered music players available in the market, this one features an entirely novel firmware that is developed in the legendary C language. It makes sure that the playback algorithms are refined to their very roots, making them capable of delivering the best possible playback quality.

Using the high end circuitry deployed in the device, the M1S is capable of supporting various lossless music file formats including ISO, DSD, APE, FLAC and WAV up to a rate of 32 bits for 384 kHz.

Aune M1S

Design of Aune M1s

The M1S features a pretty decent design with a very smooth and reliable build quality. It is capable of delivering the smooth feel you experience while holding any other Aune’s DAPs. Unlike its predecessors, the aluminum casing used in the current model is capable of withstanding pressures which makes it pretty resistant to scratches and other similar kinds of damages.

It won’t be wrong to say that the M1S is basically a skinnier yet more sophisticated variant of the famous M2S audio player. Unlike the M2S, this model features a navigation wheel that is capable of making navigation of media much easier and convenient. There is a select button that is nested right in the middle of the navigation wheel.

Aune M1S

Sound of Aune M1s

As discussed above, the M1S features a pretty classy build design but is it capable of delivering the expected quality of playback sound or is it just another fancy audio player lacking the ability of delivering the right audio playback quality? Going through different reviews posted by hundreds of users on the internet and checking out the specifications of the product, it may be concluded that the Aune M1S is as good as it sounds in all those reviews.

Its carrying the legacy of the previous Aune products and is capable of delivering the best sound quality you may have experienced in the entire Aune products line up ever before. If you are a music enthusiast who understands the various aspects of a music track, you would be able to get the best use out of this device very easily.

The Aune M1S offers its users a high degree of customization features for the music being played. So if you know your music, you would be able to tune the device to the most optimum settings for the media being played, leaving you behind with the best music experiences you have ever enjoyed.

Aune M1S

Pros and cons

Some of the pros and cons associated with the Aune M1S audio playback device are listed below to help you understand what should be expected out of your experience with this device.


Budget friendly device that features a strong yet classy build quality

Convenient user interface that is easy to understand for beginners as well

Reasonably sufficient battery backup for longer playback periods

Transparent, vivid, neutral playback sound quality

Capable of delivering a highly balanced output


Music is played in intervals or gaps

Gets turned off after only 5 mins of inactivity, unable to resume the current track playback after reboot

Does not feature tracks indexing


In the light of the arguments discussed in the sections above, it may be said that the Aune M1S is a high quality audio playback device that is capable of delivering the best sound quality. If you are a music enthusiast who knows the different aspects of the music they listen to, this device is never going to disappoint you. It offers a high degree of customization abilities. Therefore, if you tune the device in accordance to the kind of music being played, you would be able to get the best out of this audio player. Unlike majority of the similar kinds of audio playback devices out there, this audio quality offered by this device does not get distorted or disoriented regardless of how loud you play your music.

The Aune M1S features a high quality construction build with an aesthetically evolved design that makes it very easily operable even for beginners. There is a high capacity battery that is capable of delivering a decent backup time that might last for several hours.

In order to sum it all up, it might be said that if you are looking for a budget friendly audio player to serve your music playback requirements the right way, the Aune M1S is a highly recommended choice as it helps you take your music listening experience to a new level without going hard on your pocket.