Audioquest Dragonfly –Powerful USB DAC Headphone Amp

DragonFly has always proven to the world that there is no reason for anyone to listen to poor quality audio sound.

I recently purchased the “AUDIOQUEST Headphone dac”. And now I am happy I did.

I am now experiencing a magical audio sound using the USB headphone amp manufactured by AUDIOQUEST.

If you have the cash then you don’t have to continue listening to low quality audio sound. You have to purchase the best portable dac (AudioQuest DragonFly  Black/Red USB DAC headphone amplifier).

AudioQuest headphone amp is one among the most exciting audio products one can ever think of.

The device performance, vasatility, and portability has given it the popularity it enjoys. The Red AudioQuest headphone amplifier offers an enhanced audio sound, high degree lower power consumption than the previous dragonFlay amps. And the price is remarkably also lower than the previous DragonFly amps.

The AudioQuest Headphone amp is one among the budget friendly best quality portable headphone amps in the market today. With a cost price of 198 USD, I will prefer the Red AudioQuest Headpbone amp anytime any where.

 You can take a detailed look at the review of the build of the product, including description, performance, specifications and design, pros and cons, and my verdict.

Description of Audioquest Dragonfly 

This astonishing Red AudioQuest headphone amplifier gives a better, more impresive, and magnificient experience. This USB headphone amp works with Apple and Android, and you can also use it to play music on your computer, laptop, stereo, smartphone, tablet, or powered speakers.

The product has the following:

  • The product comes with a 32-Bit SABRE DAC
  • A 2.1v utput Drives
  • Works With Apple and Android devices when paired with a simple adapter
  • It play MP3, and other high resolution files
  • The product is is rich in tone and very vasT
  • It has a leatherette Pouch
  • Red Automotive Finish With Gold Lettering
  • It has a 2.4 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches dimension
  • Its not too heavy,it it has a weight of about 3.5 ounces
audioquest dragonfly black
audioquest dragonfly black

Product Performance Audioquest Dragonfly

This USB headphone amp is built with  a 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC chip (9016 DAC Chip): This makes the device perform greatly. If you want a dynamic music then the product is cool, because of its sophisticated digital phase filter equipped in the 32-bit ESS 9016.

The headphone dac is not designed to use the popular headphone amp and analog volume control found in other products. It uses the latest ESS headphone amp and a bit-perfect digital volume control that resides on the 9016 DAC chip itself.

Unlike the power level of the previous versions of AUDIOQUEST DAC/headphone amplifier which puts out about 1.2 volt, the USB headphone amp is designed with a higher 2.1-volt output. That is enough power to drive all preamplifier input circuits and a wide range of efficient headphones.

And this portable dac is built to be compatible with a wider range of headphones, including power-hungry, low-efficiency mode.

The audioquest headphone dac has a more powerful amplifier section and an overall more refined sound. Without doubt, the AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC/headphone amplifier is the best portable dac.

DragonFlyDAC/Headphone amp delivers greater overall impact, momentum, and grip than either DF 1.2 or DF Black, this model gives a more perfect sense of touch than any of iys previous models. In addition, this headphone dac output can perfectly  drive various headphones models.


  • The Red USB DAC/Headphone Amp Decodes MQA, Has 32-Bit SABRE DAC, Drives possible from an asynchronous USB DAC.
  • For Tidal Listeners the MQA decoding has what it takes to keep you entertained.
  • The headphone dac can be used to play MP3s and other high resolution files, with great versatility
  • Significantly the USB headphone amp is a necessary heaphone amplifier. It comes with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
audioquest dragonfly black


DragonFly Red DAC/headphone amplifier is designed in a way that ine can used it on devices that does not have an optical output like higher models of smartphones and tablets.

 This headphone dac is a good product due to its portability and the usb headphone amp does not require external power supply and it is very small in size. And it has a lower power consumption rate.

  Most headphone amps requires user to buy another ‘line in and line out’ device in order to be able to use the headphone dac. And you know, purchasing another device makes you incurs another avoidable cost. But the AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC/headphone amplifier does not require you to buy another ‘line in and line out’ device before you can connect it to your headphone or computer. The AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC/headphone amp has a USB plug that you will connect direct to your destop or laptop computer

You don’t also need to use an extra amp, because the headphone dac has an inbuilt high output amplifier that is capable of giving you that desired max audio.

For those using Apple IPhones, you can connect your iPhone with the USB headphone amp to play music on an active portable speaker. Although you need to use a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to pump the signal into an amplified speaker.


The AudioQuest DragonFly headphone amp Red model is the version 1.0: For those who may prefer other colors like Black and white may not like this version because it comes only in Red Color. Other colors are not yet available.

While the headphone dac is designed to enhance the quality of audio sound, it may not actually give that expected audio quality if you are using it on a low quality headphones gadget, computer, or earbuds. This means that the quality of the audio that is expected to be priduced by the USB Portable also depends on the quality of the device you are using it with. This a big priblem for those using low quality devices.


Although I have not had much time to search out for other portable headphone amps, but I think the audio quality the AudioQuest DragonFly Black/Red DAC headphone amp is enough for anyone to forget going for other portable Headphone amps.

I think this headphone dac is a great amp, and could be one of the best amps in the market today.