Audio Technica AT-LP60 Review- The Affordable Turntables

High quality turntables is always too expensive.

However, when Audio technical at-lp60 come to the market, everyone can enjoy a decent sound quality  at an affordable price.

By now, this turntable is still hard to beat among record player with similar price.

But before you made a purchase decision, it is better that you read this Audio technical lp60 review first, to make sure that this product fit for your needs.

So, let’s dive in the audio technica lp60 review.

Body and Look

LP60 has a good simple clean design and looks very elegant, and it equips with a removable clear dust cover. Some of the users complained that the dust cover will get scratched easily. Yes, that is the true fact. But the main function of the cover is to protect the records and the player, is it?

The unit is mainly made of plastic, except for the platter which is made of aluminum. It does not have a on/off button, so you have to keep it connected with the power . And if you want to play this unit, press the start button or move the arms towards the record.


Design and features

The LP60 is a fully automatic belt-drive turntable, and it use the same drive system as the vast majority of audiophile turntables

What does belt-drive means?

Belt-drive means the turntable’s motor pulley spins the platter with a rubber “belt,” which means it’s not suitable for DJ use where fast start and back-cuing is required.

The size of AT-LP60 is smaller than most turntables on the market, only 14 inches (square) *3.8 inches (high) and 6.6 pounds (3kg).

There is a small switch at the rear panel, which will allow you to select either the built-in phono preamplifier or a high quality external preamp ( you can add it later).

At the front panel, there are four buttons, speed( you can select 45 or 33-1/3rpm), start, stop and cue. The Cue button raises and lowers the tonearm onto the record, and that’s especially useful for buyers with unsteady hands, or if you can’t see what you’re doing And on the top surface, AT-LP60 provide a lever that select 7 or 12 inch records.

What is the bottom line ?

One side of the felt mat that covers the metal platter spells out “Audio Technica,” but you can flip the mat over and just have a plain black mat. It is very easy to understand the manual, and you can make the setup process painless, even neophytes can have the AT-LP60 up and running in a few minutes.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 manual

Audio Technica LP60 Review on Sound Quality

When we judged the sound quality of a turntable, please keep  in mind that it is a very complicated process to produce the quality sound. All the audio components will affect the sound quality when it comes out from the speaker.

As to this Audio Technica AT-LP60, although it does not have the sound quality as the top high fidelity turntables , it has a very decent sound quality for the average listener.

It produces a very clear and warm sound. And you will find that its sound is much better than the cheap turntable with ceramic cartridges, because of the magnetic cartridge. Sure, all depends on the quality of the rest of your audio components.


Fully automatic
Affordable price
Dust cover to protect
Simple operation
Replaceable stylus
Magnetic cartridge
Decent sound quality


Short RCA cables
Hardwired RCA cables
No adjustment features like counterweight and anti-skate
Cannot be upgraded

Should I buy Audio Technica AT-LP60 ?

Audio Technica AT-60 is a an entry level turntable with a decent sound quality.

If you are new to the world of vinyl records and you don’t want to spend much budget at the beginning, this turntable will exceed your expectations considering its price.

If you are not familiar with how to calibrate a turntable, and you are just looking for an easy operated automatic player , then the Audio-Technica LP60 is right for you.

This turntable will offer you a good listening experience without costing you too much. It has the best combination of price , easy- use and good sound quality.

Besides,  AT-LP60 is also a good option for someone wanting to digitize their vinyl collection with a good sound quality.

However, it is not a good choice if you are looking for a more professional turntable with adjustments.

And it is also not a good option if you want a simple solution to digitize your vinyl collection,  because there is some software learning to be done.

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