Anker Soundbuds NB10 ( For Better Music)

If your earphones are limiting your music hearing experience, it’s time to try some of the best sound buds on the market.

Anker soundbuds designers have developed a top-notch Bluetooth earphone that takes away the doubt of fitness, comfort, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Anker soundbuds NB10 come with a simple design that makes all your music listening amazing; when fully charged, they can run for 6 hours and are light enough to wear wherever you go.  If you are struggling to keep off sweating your earbuds, with the plastic and rubber design incorporated in Anker,  you can be sure of sweat-proofing; these earphones are IP5X certified against sweating and water.

Why buy Anker Soundbuds NB10

Besides the features that we shall discuss here, soundbuds from Anker comes with 3 pairs of ear tips that guarantee a good fit and comfort for long hours wear. The buds fit perfectly and don’t fall off even when exercising.

Operation and connectivity

Operating these earphones is super easy; they have three buttons to control volume, Bluetooth connection, and power. The two notable outer buttons along the top of the right ear control volume and the middle button is a multi function button, which controls connection and power. If you want to pause the playing music, power the device on/off or skip to the next song you can use the middle button.

Connection strength is superb; you can enjoy your music even when your phone or Ipad is a couple of feet away. With nothing on the way, Anker soundbuds NB10 can connect to your phone within a radius of 30 feet and 20 feet radius when having obstructions, such as walls.

Anker Soundbuds NB10 review


You can go jogging without worrying about the battery life; the battery lasts for 6 hours when fully charged. Anker claims that these soundbuds have the capability to play music continuously for 6 to 8 hours when fully charged, which is fine for the average workout.


The sound quality of Anker earphones is amazing for everyday and anywhere listening. They provide a great seal which is good when exercising or in the office, and with low to moderate volume, you can enjoy all your songs and audios while still hearing what is going on in your surroundings, which is good especially when in the office or jogging in your neighborhood.

Although sometimes the highs become harsh, the mids are very clear and the lows are not that strong, which makes the casual listening great.


Anker soundbuds NB10 is packed in a classic minimal black-box and a nice mesh pouch that houses the micro USB charging cable, two extra pairs of ear tips, operating menu and a rubber cable tie. With the pouch, you can be sure to carry your earphones and their complements in one place.


√ IPX5 waterproof

Affordable price


⊙ Common sound quality

⊙ Average connection

Final verdict

Anker Soundbuds are built with quality in mind; they fit well and feel more comfortable than the wired earphones; the buds are made of rubber and feel comfortable wearing them for long.

Most Anker earphones users find the sound quality awesome and the price pocket-friendly; with as little as $40, you can enjoy your music with the Anker sound buds NB10 Bluetooth earbuds.

Aker designers employ their engineering skills to make sure what you pay for is a decent pair of headphones for everyday wear. You can get these comfy Bluetooth earphones at $39.88.