ALPHA & DELTA FIT TWS Earphones Review

(Note: This review was written by Nymphonomaniac, an enthusiast writer. If you are also interestd in writing for Xtenik, please feel free to contact us. )

ALPHA & DELTA is an earphones company from Singapore, mostly know for budget oriented earphones that offer tremendous sound value performance like their D6 and KS3 models that both use excellent micro dynamic drivers.

Lately, A&D begin to lauch True Wireless earphones like the mid-fi JAAP and the entry level FIT, wich I will review today.

Unlike the JAAP, the FIT do not have any earhook, making it even more comfortable. As well, it support 5.0 bluetooth to deliver better signal transmission.

Priced at 70$ at Lend Me Ur Ears, the FIT is often in sale at 40$, wich in my opinion is a more logical price.

WHY? Let’s see in the following review.


Bluetooth ChipsetBluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity55 mah
Charging box capacity400 mah
Bluetooth range10m
Music playback time4-5hours (dual mode)
5-6 hours (single mode)
Talking time6 hours
Charging portMicro USB Type B
Sensitivity97 +/- 3dB
Charging Volt5.0 V
Working Volt3.7V
Microphone sensitivity42 +/- 3dB
Build in microphoneYes


For a budget priced TWS earphones, we have a good sturdy built with matte rubbery finish that permit it to not be too slippy in hands and ears. It’s light plastic with rubber coating, rather small  and light. It neather look luxurious or cheap. The charging case tough, is a little underwellming and it would have been very appreciate if it have a battery in it to charge the FIT on the go.



Housing design and shape is well done, its small and have an organic shape that is both comfortable and secure in fit. Unlike some other bigger TWS iem I try, its stay in place nicely and do not create an ackward protuberance.


I’m not using Bluetooth or TWS earphones often to make or answer call, so it was a little strange to test these….I was still talking to my phone like a fool until I understand that well : my interlocutor hear me perfectly!

In fact, perhaps better than with the mic of my phone (i have complaint about my voice being not enoug loud sometime). When it come to how I hear him, result was less convincing, its voice was rather grainy and have background distortion. I can’t be sure it’s not its phone tough.


With its 5.0 bluetooth connectivity, the FIT have good stable signal and I did not encounter sound cutting or clicking. In term of distance, its a average 10 meter and like any BT iem, signal can’t pass thrue thick wall.

When it come to connect to my phone or laptop, operation is very intuitive and fast. It have one side buton on each side of earphones housing, you hold one it will automatically connect one ears (for mono mode) and if you hold other one it became stereo.


So, the side butons are both good and bad, in the sens that even if the fit is great, you can feel the need to replace or take off and put back your IEM. If you do so, there big risk you press the (too big) buton too.

As well, the option to change tracks is to hold the buton, wich isn’t a very fast way to choose your music. The thing is that you have 4 options but only 2 butons, and the google assistant features isn’t very helping ot make the overall operation fast and intuitive.


OVERALL PERSONAL APPRECIATION is hard to tell, because we just can’t really dislike how the FIT sound, it’s too smooth and forgiving to offendany ears.

Simply put : it’s a much easy to love than to forget. Not that they are boring, far from this, but you already heard this sound, everybody does, its a risk free warm, slightly bassy tuning.

Neither make for basshead or details freak, the FIT offer a well balanced V shape signature with slightly dark definition, good non-agressive punch, warm thick midrange and soft treble. Its not a very passionate sounding earphones, and I already feel we are an old couple stock in our cozzy habits with my FIT being very previsible, but still charming in its charming previsibility.

Yes, the FIT want you to be always comfortable and he even bring your slipper so you do not have to move from your sofa.

SOUNDSTAGE is quite wide and out of your head, not airy, neither deep, just a inch out of your head so it do not feel stocked in it.

IMAGING isn’t very good due to dark treble and thick mid range, in simple track without lot of instrument there will be just enough spaciality, but this isn’t revealing in term of spot on instrument placement.

BASS is smooth, thick, warm and have more emphasis in mid bass punch than natural extension in sub bass. Its not very textured, slightly boomy but never to the point of feeling over bassy or making distortion.

In trakc like ‘’MAD’’ from SOLANGE, the ‘’omph’’ is there, we have good weight but bass kick isnt the tighest one and tend to warm lower mids range and overall vocal, still i’m able to hear bass line hide under the beefy kick. Separation being just okay, what we like about this low end is how innoffensive yet still weighty and punchy it sound.

MID RANGE do not feel particularly recessed, just a little dark in timbre so the presence is tamed a bit.  I’m not against bass warmth wich give extra body and lushness to vocal, but in this case with miss lushness and have a lower than average level of resolution.

Instrument like piano lack weight and attack and we can say the same for violin that would benifit from more upper mid range emphasis. In other hand, the upper mids being very polish, it avoid any type of sibilance. Again : very comfy sound. Overall presentation still is quite intimate and not the most lively, just sweet and laid back.

TREBLE would be perhaps too rolled off for some, but for treble sensitive people this will be very welcome.

Most energy and details came from mid treble, wich give crunchy presentation to percussions and stole any sparkle or decay you would wish to have with acoustic guitar. This do not make the FIT sound artificial, and it avoid any treble harsness or too metallic or brilliant highs. This dark treble do hide in dust a lot of micro details, so, again, if you are an audio enthusiast that either love highs sparkle or slightly analytical sound the FIT will not fit you bill.


VS QCY T1(40$) :

These are clumsy TWS iem that are nore very comfortable to wear, as well connection isn’t as easy as with the FIT. Battery life is inferior too, about 3H. About sound, one of biggest issue with T1 is that it do not play LOUD at all, I mean…even safe loud.

SOUNDSTAGE is wider with the FIT, both lack deepness.

IMAGING isn’t impressive with both, but the T1 sound darker, more compressed.

BASS is dry, artificial sounding with the T1, while its warm and weighty with the FIT.

MID RANGE is more fowards, clearer and more natural with the FIT, here again, T1 is a mix of brightness and dryness, a very unpleasant one.

TREBLE perhaps extend further with T1, but badly, its splashy and incoherent.

All in all, the FIT have a way more balanced, muscular and enjoyable sound than T1 disaster.

VS HIFIMAN TWS600 (100$) :

Hifiman is an audacious audio high end company, for the better or the worst.

Here, hum, perhaps it’s the worst depending of your taste. Tuning is sure isn’t thinked for the mass or basshead, and i respect this type of tuning in fact but this is just me. Construction is very plastic and the look isn’t my cup of tea, but comfort wise, even if the housing is very big, it fit well and you do not encounter discomfort.

About battery life, its about the same 5-6H time, but the carrying case really charge the TWS600, wich can lead up to 38H of portable charge. This is the big deal about this Hifiman, as well as high level of details you get.

SOUNDSTAGE is wider, taller and deeper with a more airy out of your head feel, here the FIT feel sincerly more intimate.IMAGING is well resolve and sharp, offering superior instrument placement than warmer FIT .

BASS is very anemic, dry and unatural with the TWS600, it’s detailed and textured but lack body, slam and punch, making the FIT sound way fuller and bassier, tough less controled (because there something to control call bass).

MIDRANGE is brighter and clearer with the TWS600, vocal are less thick but more detailed and better separated fromother instrument compared to more diffuse and warm mids of the FIT.

Even if technically inferior, some will prefer more abstract mids of the FIT.

TREBLE is smoother and less detailed with the FIT, making the TWS600 sound more revealing in microdetails.

All in all, i subjectively prefer the TWS600 only because I listen to lot of instrumental music, but if there any bass in it I would fint the FIT more musical.


Priced at around 40$, the Alpha&Delta FIT will neither hurt your wallet or your ears, it deliver a type of entry level warm bassy sound you already heard and must likely enjoy.

It’s nothing to write about, but I did. You cannot unlike this easy going bassy sound, and while it’s not mean for audiophile, I think it could be enough for audio enthusiast listening to pop, rap and simple music.

For critical listener, it’s not a serious earphones and lack clarity, details and imaging accuracy.

But, it’s as more comfy to listen than to wear, and connectivity is great!

The FIT offer an overall very pleasant sound for an affordable price, but in today very competitive wireless earphones market, i’m not sure it will be able to stand out fo the crowd and this is mustly due to average battery life and basic control interface.